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Eurol R5 Rally Challenge

New in the Netherlands rally scene is the Eurol R5 Rally Challenge, initiated by, and aimed at, the very top of the Dutch rallying world. We at 2convince take care of the total coordination, which includes the development of the website, establishing and maintaining the various social media, and of course all public relations. On top of that, we are actively involved in the recruitment of sponsors and participants. After a successful start in 2017, the Eurol R5 Rally Challenge will radically change the face of Dutch rallying in 2018 and onwards.

The R5 category is open for WRC derived vehicles with a 1.6 liter turbo engine, delivering about 260 hp and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. The four-wheel drive system is coupled to a sequential gearbox and the cars weigh in at around 1200 kg. Brands such as Hyundai, Skoda, Citroën, Ford and Peugeot have all homologated models for this new FIA initiated class.

Western Experience

Country & western music, line-dancing, and spectacular horse demonstrations are not usually the focus of attention at 2convince. Still, for the Western Experience, created some 25 years ago by pioneer Bob de Jong, we are the primary partner for all communications around this event. For several years now, we help to create and deploy flyers, newsletters, radio and TV ads, posters, social media banners, highway signage, not forgetting all of our public relations activities. All these means are utilized to assure that the Western Experience becomes a household name among fans and other interested parties. We are proud to be part of the progress of the Western Experience.

Mazda Dealer Incentive Japan

On behalf of the Dutch Mazda distributor, 2convince organized a beautiful incentive trip to Japan for Mazda dealers who had surpassed their earlier targets. In Tokyo, participants enjoyed the unique and multifaceted Japanese culture and lifestyle. Subsequently, the Bullet train brought the visitors to the exceptional city of Hiroshima, also home of the Mazda Corporation. Visits included the Mazda production plant and the nearby Museum, and of course the impressive Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was also part of the program. All participants – about three dozen – were full of praise for this varied voyage.